Our Services

Card Payments

Income Systems makes taking card payments simple, fitting the application to work with your organisation’s requirements.

All of our client’s businesses are individual and they require different functions, for example the ability to take a card payment from a shopping cart function on their website, or from a MOTO transaction (mail order telephone order) requiring the payment information to be imputed manually into Salesforce.

Ecommerce Features:

• Shopping Cart Integration
• Full Gateway Integration
• PCI DSS compliant
• Recurring customer detail recollection
• Multi-Currency

Internal System Features:

• Salesforce Integration
• PCI DSS Compliant
• Refunds and Void from Screen
• Preauthorisation
• Authentication and authorise
• Multi-Currency

Direct Debits

For many companies taking direct debit collections is a vital way to gain revenue. Income systems aim to make the collection journey as simple as possible and hassle free.

Direct Debits:

Our Direct debit solutions are fully integrated into Salesforce.

Direct Debits can be set up through an online ecommerce page, which allows for the information to be transferred into Salesforce. Alternatively our solution allows Direct Debits to be created directly into Salesforce, this is ideal if your company takes orders, subscriptions, donations etc. through MOTO transactions.

1) Validate account number and sort code.
2) Set up new instruction.
3) Regular file creation and checks.
4) Files and instructions sent to a BACS through a bureau of your choice or through our own partnered bureau.

Account Number and Sort Code Validation:

• Enables bank details to be validated at point of entry.
• Ensures data accuracy.
• Saves administration time.
• Can be used on both ecommerce payment pages and within CRM systems for those manually imputing data.

Account Number and Sort Code Validation Demonstration:

International Payments

As a leading and trusted payment specialist for Salesforce.com in the UK we have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in card payments and direct debits.

Overseas we offer several different payment methods, such as SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area). This payment method allows those who use the euro to make and receive payments in the same standardised form.  For our US customers we offer ACH service (Automated Clearing House), this is an electronic service that enables card payments to be made in batches, as well as allowing direct debits to take place.

Five star review from one of our US customers The Lift Disability Network:

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 16.00.36

Postcode Lookup

Find any business or home address in the UK using our simple Postcode Lookup tool.

Postcode Lookup service, also commonly known as ‘Address Lookup’ and ‘Address Auto-fill’, is a service that enables you to quickly find a full address using just a postcode. Only 100% valid addresses are kept in our databases, therefore there is no room for mistakes.

Postcode Lookups can be integrated into many different systems, such as web forms, checkout pages, call centre interactions, and and at point of data entry in CRM.  This means that the function can not only benefit your customer, but your employees as well.

Customer Benefits:

• Promotes reliability to the organisation, e.g. correct delivery addresses.
• Creates customer retention.
• Many customers are used to the feature and expect to see it.
• Boosts professional image.

Company Benefits:

• Minimum fuss for those imputing data into CRM.
• Less work for IT departments.
• The function is maintained and updated by Income Systems.
• No software to install.


Our SMS (short message service) service allows businesses to be able to contact their customers directly through text messages, this can be used for a range of purposes such as; thank you messages, payment and bill reminders, order and delivery information, and marketing updates.

Our SMS service is integrated into Salesforce, making managing your texts simple:

1) Create a text template with the message desired.

2) It can be automatically populated with the individual customer’s information.

3) Messages can also be automated to send at certain times, or sent if triggered by payment or activity.

• Customers can see updates immediately.
• Texts are short and to the point.
• Texts are more likely to be read than other forms of written contact.
• Can enable you to build a strong customer base.