Why choose us?

Why you should choose Income Systems

We believe that taking customer payments doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming. By seamlessly integrating our application into your Salesforce platform inefficiency is a problem of the past, there is no need to switch between systems.

We want you to get the most from our solutions, therefore our service is tailored to each client’s needs so their customer collections suite them. Our team also go above and beyond with our service, spending time with our clients to make sure that they are completely happy with their solution and have best possible experience with us.

Independent –Unlike other Payment Providers, we’re a BACS Approved Bureau and PCI DSS Level 1 payment gateway. For ecommerce we also provide services for Paypal, Amazon, Apple Pay, ACH (for US), SEPA, along with other none payment services like Postcode Lookup and SMS messaging. We can parent our payment objects to any salesforce (or SageLIve) standard or custom objects, Subscriptions, Donation, Membership, Order, Invoice, Event Registration, Room Booking, Sale Contract, Opportunity, Contact and Account etc and because we manage it all in house (no 3rd parties), our services fit seamlessly.

No Interference —, When we interface our payment solutions into salesforce or Sage Live, this is done transparently, because there is no other management software to interfere, you have full control and less problems.

Customisation – We have an excellent track record (please read our 5 star reviews) of providing payment solutions within salesforce and SageLive, and what really differentiates us from our competitors, is that we customise our solution to fit into our clients payment requirements, for example many clients require payment plans using just Cards (perhaps over several months, with different amounts), or to take an upfront payment on card followed by regular collections by Direct Debit, or to swipe a card (to pre-auth or make a token – so no immediate payment is taken) and take the payment in the future, after the order has been fulfilled, or perhaps Chip and Pin card readers, email payment links and ecommerce web site integration.

One stop shop — We can provide both Debit/Credit Card and Direct Debit/Credit payment solution software (for salesforce and SageLive), the Payment Gateway and BACS bureau services, and even provide SUN sponsorship. For eCommerce, we also support/interface PayPal and Amazon into salesforce and SageLive.

Manageability –Our solution doesn’t have to be a perfect fit, because we’re developers we can make it fit seamlessly, and because it’s our speciality, we’d prefer to handhold the installation, commissioning and testing.

Efficient – Manage all your payments (inbound and outbound), in salesforce, following a successful or unsuccessful automated payment attempt, workflow and automation can be triggered to provide fulfilment and onward processing of orders, subscriptions, memberships (or applications), donations etc.